{dress} for church & sunday walks

Spring is here, and so is maxi-wearing weather. I saw some uber-cute maxi skirts at Target, but realized I didn’t need to spend more $$ to get one….I just had to get a little creative. Hence, this:

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I had originally cut 2 inches off this purple tube-dress because I liked the length hitting it at the ankles. So when I decided to fold it into a maxi skirt, the length was perfectly long enough, without dragging on the ground. I added my big waisted belt to polish off the look, but if you don’t have one, I thought it looked just fine without it. I love the high-waisted+long-skirt combo because I can wear flats without looking dwarf!


And there is my cheap version of a maxi skirt. This little trick also works great with other tube shirts or tube dresses that are shorter.

hugs, hanalei.

**Okay I keep doing these posts the night before, and then I schedule it to automatically post the next morning but it never does! Someone, please…help me with my wordpress problems…

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