hi there, weekend

Okay, enough pictures of me for the week. Overload, sorry. Time for a reprieve!

  • We finally hung some art around our flat, today (his aunt keeps telling me, “it’s a flat, not an apartment,”). It really feels like home now.
  • It was dangerously foggy in SF this week. I could barely see the cars infront of me!
  • I’m trying to put together a bucket list for SF, and I need your help! So far we still have yet to: visit Alcatraz, eat at Off the Grid in the mission, and do a Yosemite backpacking trip. Are we missing anything???

If you’re like me, and plan on sleeping tomorrow,  then here is a SUPER quick & yummy (& healthy?) popover recipe (didn’t you know popovers are the new pancake?).


The recipe says to divide the batter (which only has like 5 ingredients) into custard cups, but I just split it in half and cooked them in pie dishes. Serve with 100% maple syrup+blueberries (above) or apricot jam+berries+sausage (below).

Have a lovely weekend, and a delicious Saturday morning, wherever you are.

hugs, hanalei

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