dress: April showers bring May flowers


It’s not April yet, or even May, but I’m already over the rain. Luckily, after a rainy week in the city, the weekend was all clear blue skies and sunny weather.



I’ve tried on dozens of flower print pants over the fast few years. Each time, the jean was NOT a good fit. I am rather picky when it comes to pants, and hate cheap denim/ill fitting jeans. But when I was in So Cal last, I found these stretchy jeggings and thought…let’s just try them on. Bingo! They were the comfiest I’d tried on yet, and they fit like a glove. Plus, they were only $16! So far I’ve worn them with a black top (not my favorite combo) and a light grey one (better). But the first time I wore them, I think I got it right: light blue pinstriped button-up.

IMG_5211 (can you see the little turtle stamp on my hand? I went to the Science Academy…those take forever to wash off…)

These pants can be tricky to dress right. What kind of top would you pair with them?

hugs, hanalei.


6 thoughts on “dress: April showers bring May flowers

  1. I’m totally loving the floral print pants too! I bought a past pair recently- I’d love to have a brighter pair like these as well!

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