eat: the perfect macaroon

IMG_4905Hi I’m back posting at noon again…if you follow me on instagram you already know that I finally got my amazing 50mm lens. Okay it’s not the most amazing lens ever, but it will surely improve the pictures you start to see around here (like the one above). Anyway, about these sweet and tangy macaroons…

IMG_4895I had a little cookie party with some friends, and I wanted to make some to-die-for persimmon cookies. But I really didn’t have time for that because of course I left the making & baking to the last minute. These are super easy and fast, if you only have 30 mins or so. I used this recipe from a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook I received as a wedding present, and I cook from it all the time.

IMG_4902So I wanted to make them a little different, but I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t as yummy as I had envisioned. I thought of the yummy taste-combination of  lime/lemon+coconut, so I added some lime juice to a batch of melted white chocolate, and dipped the macaroons in it. They were good, but like I said, not the good I thought it would be. So if you want to try these out, I’d just go with plain white chocolate or play it safe with the always-delicious milk-chocolate bottoms. Oh and add less sugar than is called for, or else these chocolate bottom macaroons might be too sweet (is there such a thing?)!

And PS. there’s no butter in these; one more reason to pile them on your plate.

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