weekend wardrobe

When I’m at home, I lounge around in sweats…like BIG sweats. Our house is always so chilly. But we had many-a-errand to run this Saturday, so I had to change. This was my weekend wardrobe:

IMG_4846We went thrift shopping at salvation army, but came up empty handed…although I was tempted to buy this old TV, gut out the screen and turn it into the retro-est fish tank you’ve ever seen. But at $400 it wasn’t really priced-t0-sell.

Recently Updated17

Recently Updated18Let me tell you a few things about this skirt, 1. it’s not a skirt, originally it was a dress. 2. I cut the top off because it was cheap fabric and was coming unthreaded 3. I got it on the sale rack at Charlotte Russe (ps I never shop there so I got lucky my first time in the store in years). 4. It came with a mini skirt underneath…and I mean MINI! I don’t rep the mini-skirt look, so I went to Joanns and bought me some pink stretchy fabric, and sewed in a longer one.

Now I can wear this skirt with anything–dress it up with a neutral-shaded blouse or dress it down with a T-shirt. Either way, it was $10 well spent on a dress skirt.

PS. I have some before pictures of what it looked like…let me know if you want to see them and I’ll post them later.

hugs, hanalei.


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