dress: like a President

Happy President’s Day! Okay I’m not really dressing up for President’s Day, but does it look like I am? This is what I wore this weekend. I hope you know that all my pictures are actual things I wear, so you’ll never see¬†stilettos or mini’s on this blog! Just not practical for the foggy dress girl, even on a night out.

It’s warm in the sun but breezy & chilly in the shade…don’t go anywhere without a scarf, in this city!

Recently Updated10polka3

In my attempt to take non-boring fashion-blogger photos, I am taking jumping pictures….oh boy.

Happy week, remember to wear something RED, WHITE or BLUE in honor of our past Presidents! (I’m just kidding about that, but what the heck…)

PS My little bro came into town and we explored the Mission District with him & his friends. Check back in a few days (or tomorrow; I really need to organize my blog posts better!) for their sight-seeing wears.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

vday card
I usually don’t like buying pre-designed cards because 1. they can get pretty expensive and 2. I get so much joy in the creative process of making them. The only exception is when I’m in a specialty store and the card is so unique, and the envelope + packaging have me swooning. Other than that, it’s just a lot more satisfying (and fun!) putting in the time to make a personalized card.

I like to buy a pack of blank white cards (seen above), which come with envelopes, from Michaels. I have lots of specialty paper, glitter, and glittery metallic pens on hand, but I usually shoot for a simple, clean, crisp look. I spend most of my time just thinking about what to draw in the first place, that’s the hardest part!

Anyway, you should take those dollars you were going to use to buy a card, and use it to purchase some card-making materials–it’ll be cheaper & so much more fun in the long run!

Note: You probably already know this, but don’t ever buy anything from Michaels without a coupon! Just google “michael’s coupon” or click here for their weekly-ad coupons.

PS. don’t you love how I’m always posting at noon? ūüôā

dress: for warm weather & V-day

Sometimes I think red is over done the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. So while I was in So Cal, and the sun was a-shinin’, I dressed up in what¬†I¬†would or maybe will wear this V-day.

Recently Updated7Electric blue is the new red?? Well that’s what I was going for anyway. (I was also going to say that wrinkled shirts¬†are in, but really I had it in my bag for a week and was too lazy to iron it.)

IMG_3443That is the orange tree in my front yard (we have another in our backyard), and let me tell you honey, you have never tasted an orange so sweet & juicy in your LIFE.

IMG_3435Ok so I set my Cannon Rebel up on a bush and that’s how I got these shots, so sorry if they’re not that interesting (have I mastered the fashion-blogger poses yet??). When I came back from my church mission to Taiwan in 2010, I picked up a pair of these black pleather leggings because¬†everyone was wearing them!¬†Apparently they are trending in the U.S. now…those Asians are always one step ahead. Well I loved and still love them because they are a dose of edgy + feminine and are¬†really comfy.

Note: I have curvy hips & a booty, so I always wear something loose & baggy (hence the hanging grey vest) with these or any legging, to be a bit more modest. ha!

dress: for the Gramophone Awards 2013

Did you know that a Grammy Award was originally called a¬†Gramophone¬†Award? Did you know I only watched the Grammy’s for the outfits + LL Cool Jay? Did you also know that John Mayor had the BEST deep velvet (channelling Willy Wonka?)¬†suit on? JT looked classy, but Frank Ocean…debatable.

reg_1024.2men.ls.21013 {image via}

But sorry fella’s….Pharrell wins for best original suit (although I am kind of biased b/c I love everything he wears, especially if he’s skating in it). Also….trending: being taller than your man. I guess I need to buy some¬†higher heels.

161400270_pharrell_williams_and_helen_lasichanh_sg {image via}

And (surprisingly) Rhianna was my ¬†absolute fav, from head to toe (well I never saw her toes but I’m sure they were manicured & amazing).

161402344_rihanna_sg {image via}

Ok, actually Rhianna wasn’t my¬†absolute favorite…that award goes to Kimbra’s meshy *ensemble!!!!!!!!! Hip hurray for creativity and just plain being the opposite of plain!!! ALSO in love with her hair.

161410327_gotye_kimbra_jk {image via}

(*Ok, I’m not a fan of showing that much skin, so let’s just imaging the gold sparkles covering up a bit more…)

eat: nutella filled strawberry hearts

It’s almost Valentine’s day, and I’m not one to cut out paper hearts and plaster them all over the house. However, I fully support showing people you love them by whipping up something delish (the stomach is the way to a man’s heart, no?). I came up with a treat that FOR SURE says¬†I love you: ¬†

Nutella-filled strawberry hearts. Don’t get me wrong–I have a love for the pure strawberry, untouched by added artificial sugar & the like. But I picked up SO MANY strawberries from Ventura, this past week…

IMG_3492 IMG_3503

…that ideas were flashing through my¬†stomach mind about what to make with them. Well, you know me and my obsession with Nutella…it got the best of me and before I knew it I was stuffing those rosy berries with hazelnut goodness. Here’s a twist to the classic chocolate-covered-strawberry that will really show your love to those special people in your life:

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It’s pretty simple, just cut and fill! Note: buy enough to both eat & give ūüôā

hugs, hanalei