Happy Valentine’s Day!

vday card
I usually don’t like buying pre-designed cards because 1. they can get pretty expensive and 2. I get so much joy in the creative process of making them. The only exception is when I’m in a specialty store and the card is so unique, and the envelope + packaging have me swooning. Other than that, it’s just a lot more satisfying (and fun!) putting in the time to make a personalized card.

I like to buy a pack of blank white cards (seen above), which come with envelopes, from Michaels. I have lots of specialty paper, glitter, and glittery metallic pens on hand, but I usually shoot for a simple, clean, crisp look. I spend most of my time just thinking about what to draw in the first place, that’s the hardest part!

Anyway, you should take those dollars you were going to use to buy a card, and use it to purchase some card-making materials–it’ll be cheaper & so much more fun in the long run!

Note: You probably already know this, but don’t ever buy anything from Michaels without a coupon! Just google “michael’s coupon” or click here for their weekly-ad coupons.

PS. don’t you love how I’m always posting at noon? šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. super cuuuute. posting at noon is fine by me! when this post came up in my google reader i thought it must be from one of the design blogs i subscribe to or someone’s etsy shop…no joke!

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