dress: for foggy days & catching crabs

I’ll just say it–the Niners lost, and I’m pretty sad about it…

I am still in So Cal (southern California), soaking up the hot HOT sun. Right before we left the bay area, we stopped at China Beach to catch some dinner (crabs). What usually happens is that I watch my husband do all the work, and all he asks is that I document every crab he catches…deal!


But what does a girl wear on a foggy day, to a rainy beach, in a chilly town? I will be the first to admit that I often choose comfort over style…but I must say, this fuchsia North Face jacket is the perfect combo.



Like I said, not so glamorous, but I was *hella comfy (*Nor Cal lingo). Whether or not you like to eat crabs ( they’re yummy & don’t taste fishy like fishies!), catching them, er, watching someone catch them by the ocean is a peaceful experience, mostly because of the roar and crashing of the waves.

Important: don’t forget to wear your scrunchy backpack from 7th grade. Can’t bring a purse crabbing, sorry.



^ the prettiest sewer pipe I’ve ever seen, haaaha.

hugs, hanalei


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