happiest place on earth

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Pardon my lack of posting this week…a few unexpected events came up, including a trip to Disneyland & California Adventure (no complaints about that!).  Let me just tell you that if you really want Disneyland to be the happiest place on earth, you need to go during the very end of January. OR pretty much any off-season time…because there are no lines!! Okay, what am I saying…it’s Disneyland….there were some rides with a few lines, but the longest we had to wait was 25 minutes. A lot of the rides had no wait, and that made all the little munchkins happy (which was nice because we went with a lot of little munchkins).

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Since I’m from L.A. county, I grew up going to Disneyland on school field trips. I also have  a few friends who work there, so I usually get in free. But if I settle with my little family in Northern California, my munchkins and I will have to start paying for full-price tickets, and that just makes me sad!

I know people have mixed feelings about their experience at Disneyland…what do you think of it? The most expensive, stressful place on earth or…the happiest place on earth?

hugs, hanalei


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