dress: like a thank-you card

 photo 2012_12_31_zpsaa8331e9.jpg

This happened on accident! I swear. After I dressed in yellows & oranges for a day of sight-seeing around SF, I looked at my dresser & saw a thank-you card from one of my BFF’s. Then I glanced in the mirror and noticed…

 photo IMG_1903_zpsc9828214.jpg

…I look just like my thank-you card…

 photo IMG_1915_zpsa00099dd.jpg

Well believe that this kind of thing happens a lot around here….and I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more posts like this!

PS-yes this is my winter dress for San Francisco… all you need is a warm sweater (this one’s made out of rabbit fur, and is VERY warm)!

hugs, hanalei

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